Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big day out

Thursday, 22nd October 2009

Thankyou for your lovely comments!

Today is a big day, my daughter's final day at school. Her school makes a big deal out of it for us parents too; it started with a flower ceremony, followed by final assembly, morning tea, chapel service and then lunch; in order. Quite a day. So I needed a DRESS! I made this previously for a lunch held at the beginning of spring, but couldn't wear it without risk of freezing half to death. So, held it over for this occasion.
Its New Look 6699 view G,J,L again, a little ripper of a pattern. As the lace I bought for it was completely see-through, I lined it completely with a cotton batiste petticoat. I added wide coffee-coloured border lace around the bottom of the petticoat and a simple tube sleeve of the same lace around the armholes. I moved the invisible zip closure to the left side seam as usual and eliminated the back centre seams. The midriff is of gathered silk, and I also added a long sash of the stuff to tie at the back. You can't see it in the picture, but I added a close-enough-to invisible pocket on the right side, just big enough for a mobile phone and a credit card. I think I'll do this to all my party dresses in future... so useful...
Got several compliments for this dress today, which was very gratifying! Ah yes, we seamstresses always deflect praise, "oh, thankyou but it was easy, nothing to it, really" but its nice to get recognition, no? Here's a challenge, approach someone you don't really know very well and pay them a compliment. It will make their day and, by association, will give you a boost too!

Other details:
Shoes; Marco Santini, from Marie Claire

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