Sunday, October 18, 2009

Golden glow

Sunday, 18th October 2009
Mum in a comment asked how I was planning to spice up my life....well, that's a curly question! But a good starting point would be to spice up my wardrobe, as if I needed an excuse to do something to my wardrobe...
Our moods and emotions are determined and defined in terms of colours, red roses are given on Valentine's Day, black is worn to funerals, brides wear white dresses, etc etc
So, here we have one cardigan, found in a secondhand shop. Oyster white. Sure its a useful colour which will go with lots of outfits, but isn't going to turn any heads now, is it? I've been known to dye fabrics with ground turmeric with great success, but this time I went with a Dylon pack, from the chemist. (I've also got an old red T-shirt which has proven fantastic for adding blotchy pink swirls to a boring blouse, but that's a story for another post....) One chemical bath later...

Other details:
Cardigan; Country Road, found in a secondhand shop
Camisole; Country Road
Skirt; Vogue 7303, olive corduroy


  1. Icant let this pass - you should have got me to do the artistic dyeing, I have lots of experience