Saturday, October 24, 2009

Handwoven, with love

Saturday, 24th October 2009

Today's skirt is Vogue 7303 again, I know, a little predictable; I really need to get me some new dressmaking patterns. The difference this time is the fabric; it was handwoven by my mother some years ago. She had plans to make it into a simple pullover top, but she eventually handed it on to me. I saw it as a skirt (surprise!) Unfortunately Mum had cut a slit in the middle for a neck-hole, which made for a dressmaking challenge. I had to add a bit of beige cotton on the top of the skirt back to make it long enough, and I lined it with bemsilk. The pattern is very simple, and the fabric is lovely and is what makes the skirt. In the close-up you can see the mixture of blues, greens and golds in with the nubbly oyster and neutral threads. I loved the little fluffy fringing effect of the edge and so left it unhemmed as a feature on the hemline.
I wore it to do a bit of grocery shopping and run some errands this morning, and finished up by treating myself with some afternoon tea in Applecross Village.
And just to prove I'm not too precious about my clothes, I later donned a fleece jacket and my gardening clogs and gloves and transplanted agapanthus bulbs! And repotted an orchid! And de-pooped the gardenbeds!...ok, ok, too much information... sorry. I did wash. Promise.

Other details:
Top; Ezibuy
Belt; don't know brand, but it is emu leather, bought from Luxe

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