Monday, October 26, 2009

My Marni fix

Spring/Summer 07, Marni had a collection that struck me with lightning, fashion-wise.  I loved and could have worn simply everything in the parade.  On my budget, not to mention that Marni is unavailable in Perth, and also given that I love to sew, the only option was to try to recreate the looks myself.  
The slimline black oversize sports parka over a crisp white skirt was my absolute favourite look, the one I just had to have, and one I wanted to reproduce as closely as possible.  
So here is my effort, compared to the real deal.  Please excuse that the model on the right is far less attractive. 
Photo above from Marni Spring/Summer 07, see here

On pulling it out I realised its no longer a look that I am wearing as I've moved on fashion-wise, but as previously expressed in this blog, Wear Everything in the Wardrobe is my new rule.  My Monday morning gals expressed surprise this morning that I was wearing black, as its not a colour I really wear much. 
I remember at the time I was first wearing it I looked quite different from everyone out and about on the street, as it wasn't a look that had hit Perth and wouldn't yet for another 18 months when everyone was into this look all of a sudden.  We lag a bit behind the fashions here.

The skirt is Vogue 7303 view A, seen previously here, and the top is my own design.   Well, actually its really Marni's design, slavishly copied by me, but by "my design" I meant that I didn't use a pattern, but planned, cut and fitted the pieces to Bessie (the dressmaker's dummy) to achieve the look I wanted.  I was particularly pleased with the high bunchy collar and felt (still do) that the finished result is easy and comfortable to wear.
I think its a very urban look, perhaps better suited to striding about the city.  A problem with the black parka, given my lifestyle, is its tendency to attract and display animal fur, with most unattractive results.
Speaking of which, a comment asked after Sienna, the furry beast lying half out of sight in my photo.  The silly-billy has cut open a pawpad on a sharp bit of fence in our yard and is hobbling about looking woebegone (poor love), so I'm walking alone for a while.  However I promise to include her again, as requested.  The camera loves her (yeah, baby! Austin Powers style), so I think she deserves a photo-shoot... yes?

Other details:
Shoes; Perrini, bought many years ago

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