Sunday, October 25, 2009

A night at the ballet (and some do's and don'ts)

Last night managed to have my gorgeous salon-styled hair stretch out just a little bit further for a night at the ballet.  We saw Swan Lake by the Australian Ballet; well,  words fail me.  Just flip open a thesaurus to the entries for "magnificent" and "superb" and apply all the words therein.  Thoroughly enjoyed it... and am quite inspired to make a Dior New Look style suit or dress entirely out of ecru lace with some sort of pastel underlay... may look a bit funny on me as I'm not exactly a petite ballerina... Watch this space...
Anyhoo, this was my ensemble for the event; the skirt is Vogue 8296 view B, made this winter just gone.  The fabric is wool, a sort of winter white, overprinted with lovely brushstroke swirls of olivey taupe.  I bought it from Astratex in Melbourne on a trip with my mother.  The fabric was quite expensive and the pattern called for a lot of it, something for future consideration (ie. use different pattern).  The pattern itself was very simple and went together quickly with no drama, front and back identical to each other.  I love the look of this skirt and the fabric is luxurious and gorgeous to wear so I'm glad I went to the extra expense for an "occasion" garment.  However, the silk lining was, and is, a problem.  The pattern called for it to be cut on the bias, which I did.  However the silk I used is so clingy and is always winding its way around my legs.  It also doesn't hang quite right when I look at it inside the skirt; and I think this is because of being on the bias.  Or maybe it's because silk is notorious for being a bit precious and temperamental.  The Lindsay Lohan of fabrics.  
This has been a go-to semi-formal outfit for winter, and even though the weather is warming up considerably I knew the theatre would be air-conditioned to arctic conditions so dressed accordingly.  I'm sure the girl just along from me in a booby little mini dress was freezing.
Speaking of this, there are some does and don'ts when it comes to dressing for the ballet or serious theatre which it would be helpful to print on the ticket or something, for people who have no idea.  Just a short list, easy to remember.
1.  Do not wear jeans
2.  Do not wear an old T-shirt
3.  Do not wear sneakers, in short, if you have recently been gardening or washing your car, do get showered and change into something nice before you go to the theatre.  
That's all really.  Don't want to come across as a grumpy old bag, but there are so few events in life you can dress up for.
OK, rant over.

Maybe its just me, I so love looking at (and wearing) beautiful clothes...  

Thanks to my photographer, at right in a self-portrait.
Other details:
Top; Metalicus
Scarf; ?, bought in Paris
Boots; di Sempre, bought on sale from Zomp


  1. hey Carolyn, thanks for the comment. The entire piece was made from recycled jackets, so the pants and the brown material for the top is recycled leather and the fur is unfortunately fake as I couldn't find any real fur for a reasonable price. But I think it displays my concept well just the same. Nice blog!

  2. I love this outfit. I have been inspired to make the same skirt in a black fabric with coin spots of a shiny black. I agree with you on theatre etiquette, it such a great opportunity to get into some good gear, a pity to waste the opportunity.