Monday, October 19, 2009


Found this one and only picture of the other version of the dress I posted about earlier today here, from McCalls 4454, elongated to dress length; the one made out of patchwork fabric bought in Calico and Ivy. It was bought as a collection of "fat quarters", from which I cut large, medium and small squares. The squares were pieced and the pattern cut out so that the smallest squares were at the bodice of the dress, and getting larger in size down to the hem of the dress, at which all the largest squares were. All were on the diagonal.
I loved the seaside-y colours; it may not look like much from the back but it really was a lovely dress and got a lot of compliments. Sigh. I think it got a rip in it eventually.
I think it looked better than its follow-up, partly because of the pretty fabric, and partly because the skirt was a lot more billowy, a better look for me.
(On a pictorial note, I'm at the top of Mount Lycabettus looking out over Athens .... we walked up to the top and back and really earned our drinks! It was fab!)

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  1. I love how the colors perfectly set off the landscape. A lovely dress for a Greek vacation.