Sunday, October 18, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

With the lovely warm summery weather here to stay, fingers crossed, its time to don summer jammies. My choice this year is sort of what a saucy fifties housewife might choose. The colours of mint green combined with red are kind of fifties, I think. The lace with red ribbon is very lingerie, and not pairing it with either black, red or white saves it from being tarty. A final touch was the three apple buttons, (Eve, gettit?) left over from a baby jumper I knitted many moons ago. The shorts have POCKETS! Well, I had enough fabric, so why not. The shorts were made using last year's summer pyjama bottoms as a template, cut off short. The top is McCalls 4454 view C without the tie. I've used this pattern many times, and usually modify it by sewing it much narrower at the torso (about 4cm each side) and inserting a left side zip, but this time its as is and about 5cm longer.
My husband wanted to know why I'm not modelling it, well, ahem I think that's obvious, no? But thanks for the suggestion...