Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top that doesn't suit me?

Just a day working, running errands, doing chores, gardening and a bit of grocery shopping, so didn't feel the need to dress to impress.  This top I made about two years ago, and dug it out from the top of the wardrobe just to put it in the blog.  I feel like I'm wearing some real golden oldies lately... need to move on to some new stuff tomorrow...
The top pattern is my own design, polyester net cut out and draped over Bessie (the dressmaking dummy) to fit my vision.  The front has a slightly draped, cowl-y effect, and the front piece was cut about 12cm longer in the side seams, then gathered and pleated to fit the back side seam in the bust region.  I feel this makes a nice soft pleating effect over the bust.  I was going for a slightly medieval sleeve feel with the extended bit on the end of the sleeve, with limited success as I find this flappy bit extremely annoying when I'm doing housework.  The fabric is see through, so I sewed in a soft jersey "vest" lining in the body seams.  This top was sewn entirely on the overlocker making for a very quick construction; I spent perhaps ten times as long cutting, draping and pinning onto Bessie to get just the right effect.  For an artistic effect, I have put all the seams on the outside of the garment.  Not surprisingly this makes for a very comfortable top!
Even though I feel this top has had its day and I'm ready to toss it out, its been a lovely flattering shape and design and one I plan to use again.   In different colours.
In the latest Australian Stitches was an article on finding the colours that suit you, and I spent some time studying it last night, and besieging my husband with inane questions like "is my skin ivory or beige?" and "are my eyes unusual green or are they just hazel?" before he glazed over.  Seems they are introducing a new system with new categories, with names involving Bright/Dusky, Warm/Cool and Dark/Light.  I'm still not sure what I am, but I know that this top is probably not in my colours!  I had my colours done years ago, and after a lot of pfaffing around with swathes of fabric I was pronounced to be an Autumn.  I've been quite happy to be an Autumn.
The jeans are favourite summer jeans, washed so often the care and fabric label is washed white!  I do remember however that they are New Zealand made, from tencel which is light and cool for summer.  The shape is so flattering I traced it out last year and made an identical pair out of white linen which has been just as good.  I might try this again this year out of a different fabric.

On right is a picture of the wounded modelling her stylish sock, which I might say she has done her darndest to strip off.  I think purple and pinky/beige are her colours, no?  Maybe a Spring?

Other details:
Jeans; Development
Thongs/flipflops; Mountain Design

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  1. Great effort keeping the blogs flowing!
    Maybe Santa will bring a camera tripod?
    Just as well the furry model is so cute as the vet bill could very easily have been spent on a new "summer frock". She doesn't know how lucky she is to get walked for an hour 5 days a week. No wonder the model (the non furry one) is so slim!
    Look forward to the next installment.