Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uniform butchery

Not handmade by me, but this is my daughter, who you could say is a creation of mine! in some small way... One cool thing they get to do on their last day is to reconfigure their school uniform however they like, and here is her version! It is all frankenstein-ed from different components of the uniform, including buttons and hair-ribbons, some of the girls used their bathers, sports shirts, name it. We bought a 2nd hand one for this, as she still needs her real one for Speech night! She did a wonderful job, and its all her own design and handiwork. It fits perfectly. (There can be no higher praise from a seamstress!)

It was very inspiring; there is such a wealth of creative talent in our teenagers, it gives you real hope for the future. You know the world will be in safe hands, and all the rest of it... sigh...
It was wonderful to see the girls so excited and happy and full of confidence for their future and bursting with enthusiasm.
Its been wonderful to have a day this uplifting...

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  1. What can you do with a boring old uniform, great stuff Cassie, you look gorgeous.