Saturday, October 31, 2009

Which witch

Today being Halloween and all, even though we don't celebrate it here in Australia, I decided to embrace the Halloween spirit in my daily ensemble.  Hence the witch-y colour scheme, and the appearance of my familiar in the photo at right.  However I was the only one in the family that got the reference.  Neither did I see anybody else out and about today who looked remotely Halloweenish.  Oh, apart from a photo of my 4yr old nephew who went to a party last night dressed as a skeleton.  So cute!

I love this dress.  This has to be the easiest pattern in the Vogue repertoire; it has, ooh, three pieces and one of these is a mere stay.  I ask you.  Foolproof.

In this incarnation it is my "little black dress".  I chose high quality silk jersey mix as I wanted it to look really good and to last.  The look of the dress is unique I think.  The unusual folds and interesting draping effects take it a step above your average run-of-the-mill LBD.  The pattern is an Issey Miyake design, who is a genius at realising simple, very sculptural shapes that manage to celebrate the female form while appearing quite unlike most of the dresses you're used to seeing around.

Today was very windy so I wore a cardigan for most of the day; shopping and spending time with my mother, my daughter and my sister-in-law; a girl's morning out.  To show off the details of the fabric manipulation I also included a photo of the dress sans cardi.

So.  It's a very comfortable dress to wear, obviously as its all stretch fabric.  Its also SO easy to make; oh, did I mention that there is absolutely NO hemming or finishing of the raw edges?  How great is that?!  The perfect beginners project, and a designer look into the bargain!!

Other details:
Cardigan; Scope, bought at some shop in Melbourne
Sandals; Micam by Joanne Mercer, bought in Hobbs

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  1. I love this dress. Its very fattering and sounds so simple to make. Often simple is best, makes the wearer stand out instead of the outfit