Monday, November 30, 2009

"Duro" dress

I made this dress from Simplicity 3745 view C (no bow), out of spotted swiss cotton voile with a crotcheted lace trim.  I was inspired by the "Duro" dress that was touted in Vogue magazine as being flattering to all figure types.  Well, I dispute that theory, as when I first put on this dress to show my family they all said it looked like a maternity dress.  And I looked pregnant.  Well, no thank you very much!  I've already been there done that (quite a few years ago) and it's not a fashion look I'm aiming for, actually!  So I sewed down the pleats in the back to try and slim it down a little (see picture below).  I thought this improved the look of the dress a lot.  I also added big pockets, both for practicality and to add interest to the front of the dress, and lined it with plain voile as the single layer of swiss voile was completely see-through.  Even with this lining it is still a light floaty dress and will be cool to wear on hot days.  I'm particularly happy with the look of the crotcheted lace trim.  Can't get past my love of white lace...
Today I'm meeting the Monday morning gals for lunch at Cottesloe beach, as its our last Monday before the school holidays we may only see each other sporadically for this time.  Some of us are going to the beach for a swim first; well, I intend to swim even if none of the others do!  Others may just sit on the beach looking pretty.  That is definitely not my thing.

Other details:
Cardigan; Metalicus
Necklace; souvenir from Murano, Venice
Shoes; Sandler, op shop

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  1. Sorry i agree this one does not do your figure justice. I love the lace trim and think if I made it for myself I would consider leaving the pocket off and choose a vintage fabric in a deeper colour or perhaps a printed fabric. What do you think? posted by Sandi