Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ghost Paw

Yesterday at the nursery we bought three of these new kangaroo paws, the colours of which I think are absolutely stunning.  The stems are dark purple and the paws at the top are sage green.  So unusual.  We are pulling out a bed of roses that have never performed all that well and replacing them with these and a few other native plants.  But while they are still in their pots I decided to use them in today's photo shoot.
I made this outfit for last summer and wore it a lot then; the top is McCalls 4454 view C and the skirt is Vogue 7880 view B.  The straps and edging on the top are a lovely thin natural coloured crochet border with black velvet ribbon woven through, some of the latter I used to make a little bow on the bodice also.  The bottom edge of the top and all the edges on the skirt are finished with a black rolled hem done on the overlocker.  The fabric is a self embroidered soft sage green.  The days are warming up but this purple Metalicus cardigan is thin enough to wear on a mild day like today.
After a bit of gardening we plan to visit my brother for his birthday ( and photograph my sister-in-law's tea cosy!)

Other details:
Cardigan; Metalicus
Thongs (flipflops); bought in some little shop in South Africa

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  1. You have a beautiful sense of colour carolyn. I also think these Ghost Paws are stunning and wonder if the affinity for these plants come from our upbringing or if non-Aussies can also see their graceful beauty.