Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Not too crafty" It bag

Here is another knitted project, a bag that was knitted free-form with no pattern.  After casting on I just randomly did a few cables and whatnot and literally knitted until the wool ran out.  I popped a vinyl "bag" of the same size (made from padded table protector vinyl sold off a huge roll) inside for strength, and then lined with a blue and white print cotton on the inside of that.  The gold chain is attached firmly to the vinyl inner bag so that the bag can take a reasonably heavy weight without sagging unattractively.  Closure is by a magnetic snap, and the old diamante brooch is just pinned on the outside flap for looks.  I've hardly ever used this bag, but after the lovely compliments I got today perhaps I should use it more often.  Main problem; you can't carry an awful lot in it just because of the small size.  It's really just an elegant day bag for a few essentials.  (I forgot to put in a pen and had to borrow one; great secretary, huh?)

I wound up my secretarial duties today for the school Auxiliary and handed over my files and notes to next year's secretary; as my daughter has finished school I will no longer be doing this job.  The end of an era, still can't really comprehend it, I guess it hasn't really sunk in.  I've made some great friends through that school so I'll keep on seeing those friends I've made, hopefully.  I can't deny it was a relief to hand over the "secretary" bag, though!  We had a lovely lunch after our meeting and I'm now sitting at my desk trying to recall what we discussed at the AGM for the minutes.  Post champagne, this could be a problem...

Other details:
Diamante brooch; bought about 20 yrs ago from secondhand store at Fremantle Markets
Top; Tutte, from Mid 70's, gift from my parents
Camisole; Country Road
Skirt; Rodney Clark; op shop
Sandals; Marco Santini, from Marie Claire


  1. Simply elegant.
    Also look forward to your opinion on Niffenegger's less known book.

  2. I love the skirt. The outfit and the bag look lovely.