Friday, November 27, 2009

Self-drafted pants

These white linen pants I drafted from my favourite jeans (see here) and even though I've got my new pants pattern Burda 7944 that I really like; I still love the fit and shape of these I'm wearing today and think I will use this again.  And again.  The top of the pants is a very flattering shape as it isn't darted or pleated, but has a separate shaped waistband that is curved to fit.  Most dressmakers will know that a flat bit of fabric however it is darted, tucked, pleated or manipulated will still not fit as well as properly curved and pieced garments.  Yes, it's more time consuming to cut and sew, but there it is.  
Whenever I've sewn pants with a curved waistband the fit is always superior to a straight waistband.  The trade-off is that a curved waistband uses more fabric, to a waste-phobe like me that is something to struggle with.  Alternatively you can try to dart a straight waistband to achieve the curved fit you require... problems, problems; oh, the dilemmas of achieving the perfect fit!  A common anthem for seamstresses the world over!  I guess it doesn't ever get any easier, but the challenge is what keeps us going.  That and the satisfaction of a producing a great pair of pants - finally!  And I do love these pants.  I've decided to reuse the fabric from my other white linen pants posted about before, as they just don't do it for me any more.  Another project.  Hmm.  At last reckoning I already have about six unfinished projects lurking about the place.  And yesterday I went to Fabulous fabrics and bought some more fabric.  And I also bought three new patterns the day before.  Confession time.  Hanging my head in shame.
Moving right along, I've had a few queries as to the absence of Sienna; well, she's always around but doesn't always deign to slip into the photos.  Recently she spent a day getting pampered at the beauty salon and has come home with a beautiful new 'do.  See how stunning she looks in her photos!

Other details:
Top; Metalicus
Sandals; Neo, bought at Nine West?
Necklace; from the surf shop on Rottnest Island


  1. Nice pair of trousers! In my personal sewing experience, making perfectly fitted trousers each time only really 'happened' after I took a course in pattern making and drafted my own from a personal sloper made there. For that reason, I'm not entirely sure on the 'curved and pieced versus darted'-issue. To much depends on fabric choice, pressing and of course, the fit. As for curved waistbands: straight ones only really work in straight areas (a narrow one at natural waist can work), so I'm with you on that point. By the way, I really like the little 'points' at the back.

  2. sorry working to hard and has not reviewed pics yet but his wife said "looking fantastic Carolyn. Love seeing you wear these pants. Definately a perfect fit for you. Thanks for the info i was not aware of the curved waist band option and have never found pants to fit my shape. This could be the answer. I also find my eyes starring at this necklace when you wear it. Refreshing colour not over done with the spacing of the pieces."