Saturday, November 21, 2009

Strings of pebbles, washed smooth and soft...

This is a necklace I made a few years ago at the height of my beading phase.  I loved these uneven lumpy beads that remind me of ocean-smoothed pebbles on a European beach in that particularly gorgeous mix of smoky purple, grey and muted rose that they have up there.  

This necklace was carefully planned down to the placement of each and every bead and the random-looking twists and knots are the result of intricate and precision placement  ...  ha ha ha, not really ...  It looks jumble-y and spontaneous because that's pretty much how it was made!   The only planning was to string small lengths of the small beads interspersed with either two or three medium beads and an occasional large thrown in.  The necklace was twisted, knotted and fitted to Bessie (the dressmaker's dummy and sometime model) before separating the strands into "neck-sized" lengths, tied off, and a lobster claw and jump-ring knotted to the ends.
Today a busy day in the garden is planned and probably another trip to the nursery, maybe some afternoon tea with my husband somewhere?  Hope so.

Other details:
Skirt; Desire, op shop
Cardigan and camisole; Country Road

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  1. Great pose made for a nice photo.
    Also seeing the pebble picture before had the effect of injecting a flavour into the larger picture.