Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tea Cosy, specimen 2

Here is my friend D's tea cosy.  Looking back I think it was the first Roly Poly one I made out of "Wild Tea Cosies" by Loani Prior, the first of many (future posts to feature subsequent examples)  Her birthday was back close to Easter time, so it seemed fitting at the time that her tea cosy looked a bit like a little basket of Easter Eggs in pretty pastel colours.  It was photographed on her outdoor table with her tablecloth and china (and we had a cup of tea after).  Unfortunately I didn't realise when taking the picture that the cosy's mauve underskirt had rolled up underneath and so is not visible here. 
Tea cosies seem to be such old-fashioned concept, that is experiencing an inexplicable resurgence in popularity and "coolness".  People are currently knitting the most funky and glorious tea cosies imaginable.   
The wool for this tea cosy came from all various sources; the green from Calico and Ivy (I'm currently knitting a jumper from the same), the pink and mauve from the now sadly defunct Cottonfields, and the blue I bought in Paris from Anny Blatt, a truly adorable wool store.  The grey is leftover from A's tea cosy.


  1. That is adorable.
    P.S. They ARE the boots from Greece! What a type-o; I need to get more sleep. ;)

  2. Look! There you go again. Trey chic.

  3. Look! There you go again. Trey chic.