Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea Cosy, specimen 3

This is my version of the Chicken Little tea cosy I knitted for my friend L from "Wild Tea Cosies" by Loani Prior.  I chose these colours for L because she often wears soft browns, olives and greens such as these (and looks lovely in them too), and because she is very artistic and I knew she would appreciate the lumpy rustic beauty of this tea cosy.  This look is due completely to the nature of this lovely multi-coloured fleecy wool which varies from sometimes very skinny to sometimes very fat!  A bit of a challenge to knit as you try to avoid getting "patches" of fat or skinny areas appearing, but are aiming for an overall even spread of thicknesses somehow.  However managed this successfully and I think the outcome is rather gorgeous, if I say so myself!
The cosy is photographed on L's outdoor table, with her china.

My husband and I had breakfast and went for a lovely walk along the beach this morning with friends, and did masses of housework this weekend also, so a mixture of fun and drudgery; but I'm looking forward to doing some more dressmaking this week and making a start on the fabric I bought on Friday!  Also I've nearly finished a dress I've been working on for a few weeks, so will post pictures of this in a few days, with luck.  I've even remembered to take progress pictures this time, a first.  Getting out the camera and snapping pictures of my stuff has never been something I've ever done in the past, but it's been fun even if my pictures are less than professional!  Well, can only improve with practice....


  1. This is my favourite. It captures the essence of a scrappy little bantum chicken.

  2. Love the cosie. I made one too in reds.