Friday, November 20, 2009

We will fight them in the sewing rooms...

When I saw this happy sunny cotton print at Fabulous fabrics last year I had to make something out of it immediately.  I love the bright bright colours of this fabric and the sort of vaguely exotic ethnic print on it, a mix of paisleys, florals and medallions all overprinted and shadowed on each other.  I made the skirt from Vogue 7880, view C, a pattern I've used quite a lot as I like all the random overlays.  This is the longest version, the one my daughter complains about when she sees me making it up ("why do you always make skirts too long, Mum?!")  On this particular pattern I've usually finished the edges with a rolled hem on the overlocker, and it was making this skirt that I discovered a golden rule of overlocking; always use overlocking thread on the overlocker.  For this project I was using a mix of leftover threads in various colours, some overlocker threads, some ordinary sewing machine thread, and boy, did my overlocker chuck a major hissy fit.  I got so frustrated with it unthreading itself, thread breaking etc I was ready to heave it straight in the bin.  However I managed to breathe deep and regain a zen-like calm (ha!) and eventually got it finished.  And by "eventually", I really mean "eventually".  Like hours later.  Yes!  I am master of my overlocker.  This skirt is the spoils of a war with my overlocker that I WON and my overlocker now knows to submit to me.  Yeah, right...
Had a very pleasant day today (except that I'm now facing office work); visited a nursery with my friend E, then spent some time with my sister-in-law, before running a few errands.  Looking forward to the weekend!

Other details:
T-shirt; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs
Cardigan; Nine, bought at Labels
Pendant; bead from Gypsy Bead

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  1. Hi I like the colour, and the length, what has Cassie got against long skirts? Although I must admit I quite like a bit of leg!