Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool and comfortable

Today is to be a scorcher, 40C forecast, and at even 9am in the morning you can already discern a shimmer in the air.  On days like this an oppression and stillness hanging heavy over all, sapping strength and dulling wits.  The sky is intense and vivid blue unrelieved by any hint of cloud.  I found one lonely rose in the garden as yet unwilted by the recent hot spell, its shady spot is its saviour and no doubt by the end of the day the edges of its soft petals will be crinkled, dark and crisp, and its colour will have faded to a veined shadow of itself... 
I think I'll probably be spending most of the day in my bathers, but will need to be decent for some activities, such as watering out the front and popping off to the shop for milk and essentials!  Thus this outfit.
This skirt and blouse are light and airy and allow for maximum flow of air on the skin for when a cool breeze happens to waft by ... one can only hope... 

Skirt, Vogue 2894, floral cotton
Top; New Look 6252, white seersucker
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs
Nail varnish; Santorini Sunset, Napoleon

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  1. I really love the combination of the skirt and the top, they're so lovely. You look very pretty in them!