Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dress, 6 different ways

I was thinking it was about time I did another 6-way remix of one of my garments; I had fun doing the previous one on my favourite skirt here and it helps me to appreciate the versatility of what I have in my own wardrobe myself.  Shopping in my own wardrobe!!  I mentioned recently that I would do one on my olive corduroy skirt, but that would just be another skirt same as the last 6-way so decided to do a dress instead.  Olive skirt next time.  Maybe I'll try to do one of these each month...
I made this Burda 8071, view A sundress last summer out of cream broderie anglaise cheesecloth and don't wear it enough.  I think it deserves more outings.  So here I've styled it 6 ways; as a plain dress, as a tunic over jeans, as a pinafore, over tights, as a dress over a petticoat and over a longer skirt.  As in the last 6-way, 3 ways are for summer; casual, semi-casual and a little more formal, and likewise for winter.  Although seriously when I was photographing these winter looks I thought I might die from heat exhaustion, 34C+ and only the slightest breeze!  Man!  Suffering for my blog...
So here is the dress styled for casual wear, both summer and winter;

Styled a little smarter for shopping or running errands, summer or winter;

And a tad more formal, for lunches, functions or going into the city with friends (yeah, summer and winter);

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  1. Great use of one dress. There is no need to have so many clothes with this approach! Mum