Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, and everyone here has their own personal ideal way to spend this day, depending on their age and general level of wildness.  
How am I celebrating Australia Day?  Well, first thing this morning my husband and I went out for a paddle on the river.  It was just divinely peaceful; river almost deserted and flat like a millpond with the sun sparkling on the surface, pelicans and black swans gliding by majestically.  We pulled in at a tiny deserted beach and had strawberries and a thermos of tea while watching the waves lapping at our feet.  We didn't see any dolphins this time, but often we do.  Then we paddled home to another swim and a late breakfast of more tea and Vegemite on toast; yes, like lots of Aussies I am hopelessly addicted to Vegemite on toast and can't imagine a more tasty breakfast ...  Later on we will fire up the barbecue for some lamb chops, and at nightfall walk down to watch the fireworks over the river; all in all a very leisurely Australia Day.
Our children, on the other hand, will be whooping it up around their friend's pools and generally creating lots of noise and mess; I'm just thankful it won't be our pool that cops it this year...
I'm still feeling pretty hot after our paddle so I'm dressed very casually and for maximum coolness.

Below is a picture I took of another true blue Aussie I found outside, this little darling has a body as big as my fingernail!

Top; NewLook 6252, white seersucker
Shorts; Burda 7723, white linen
Hat; Country Road


  1. What a lovely day and evening. Love your outfit.

    Happy Australia Day!

  2. Delightful outfit. You have such great legs. Urgh, redback! Hideous! I hope your day is going well. I've turned into a total recluse and have no intention of leaving the house today (not quite sure what the point is of making new clothes when no one ever sees me...)

  3. You look adorable and it sounds as if you had a wonderful day. Being from the U.S., I'm not sure what Australia Day is. Is it a celebration of independence from England...similar to our Fourth of July celebratons?

  4. It's the anniversary of the arrival of the First fleet on Australian soil...

  5. Happy Australia Day!

    Your outfit looks great and very cool and fresh.