Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspired by nature; gold and aqua

At this time of year the sky is this intense ultramarine blue and the grasses are dryly yellowing until they are crackling underfoot, as always the landscape is everlastingly fascinating.  Nature has a perfection in her colour palette that is daily an inspiration, those of us drawn to colour and its myriad changing faces in the shifting path of the sun are compelled to express themselves somehow, for some it is in the medium of paint on canvas, for me in my insatiable love of clothes, I choose to do this through my apparel.
These garments I've worn before in other combinations, but when I put on this intense lime top with my golden silk skirt and my newly made silk chiffon scarf; this bright yet somehow relaxed palette made me wonder why on earth I hadn't thought of it before...
When I first made this top, on a whim, I felt a little intimidated by its brightness, and only wore it sparingly and with safe neutrals such as white, lately I'm feeling more adventurous and wanting to pull it out more and more.
This magnificent gum tree must have seen a fire in its day, with its old battle scars of charred bark still visible; my daughter and I ventured into the bush to take these photos and when I minded her to look out for snakes she took two photos then turned and marched straight out....  Perhaps she's the sensible one and I've got too much my head in the clouds contemplating the beauty of nature....  but I didn't see any snakes!

Top; NewLook 6252, green linen
Skirt Davida, second hand shop
Scarf, turquoise silk chiffon, made by me
Sandals; la soffitadi Gilda
Bag; Gucci


  1. Pretty!! Those blue shoes are my absolute favourite (especially with your mauve shift dress). I think people are far too scared of bright colours. I love them and think they should be worn at all times! And the green suits you so well :)

  2. A perfect color combination.Your outfit looks very comfortable and pretty.
    That tree is awesome.