Saturday, January 23, 2010

My husband gave me flowers...

Actually he gave these to me a few days ago and they've been sitting on our kitchen bench looking fresh, optimistic and cheerful and brightening up my days with that particularly intense clarity of simple colour, that gerberas are so treasured for and for which we forgive them their very short lifespan.
Today they're starting to look a little droopy, but have still inspired me to go for a sharp shot of mad colour.  Normally I wouldn't wear these two colours together for fear of looking a bit.... well, fast-food...... there, I've said it now, and the impression is out there and probably lasting, more fool me for having put it there.  I'll bet kindergarteners would love my ensemble.  I'm sticking with it.
This dress, my own variation based on a halter neck top pattern, is light and floaty enough for hot days, but is perhaps a tad revealing up top if one is heading off shopping in a department store for a wedding gift, which is what we are doing today...  Don't want to be eyed at in a pitying way by any salesladies so my cardigan covers up demurely.
Please note my lovely hair-do, sadly not of my doing.  My hairdresser is a genius and I wish I had him around to do my hair every morning, I think my husband might have objections to that, er...
Off we go to look at crystal-wear....

Dress; my own variation on McCalls 4453, red sparkly polyester chiffon
Cardigan; Country Road, secondhand and over-dyed
Belt; Country Road, had since I was a teenager
Sandals; akiel, from an op shop


  1. What a sweet hubby. I think you sweater and dress look very nice together. Pretty hair, too.

  2. I like this outfit. It looks very fresh and the colors look great together.

    Lovely flowers and hair :)

  3. I had the pleasure of seeing you in person with this dress on yesterday. Flows beautifully and the colour is refreshingly vibrant. I love gerberas. I call them Happy Flowers.

  4. I saw this on you yesterday, lovely fresh summer skirt.

  5. I would like more if the dress had simple straight bottom, but still those colors together look amazing, so bright, playful and beautiful!