Thursday, January 21, 2010

Olive green corduroy skirt, 6 different ways

My olive green corduroy skirt out of Vogue 7303 has been incredibly useful in my wardrobe and is something I grab without thinking on a regular basis, secure in knowing it will go with just about anything else I own.  With one small exception, it can go anywhere and do anything.  The exception, natch, is for dressy wear.  It's a corduroy skirt.  Corduroy spells casual, no getting away from that.
Could you make a ball-gown out of corduroy, I wonder, and carry it off?  Perhaps it could give the same look as velvet, in the right design, maybe? That's food for thought...
Anyhoo, getting off track, as per usual...
This skirt is a fantastic skirt in that it has worked for me in all seasons; hot weather all the way through to cold weather, and the olive green colour is so handy in that it goes with every other colour (yes, Virginia, olive green is a fabulous neutral).  I mean obviously it goes with the usual creams, white, black and brown.  But for today I have tried to style it with all the colours of the rainbow to show just how great a colour it is.

Being a mini(-ish) it can be worn in hot weather; here it is casual, and then a little more smart, say for shopping...

Then, the corduroy texture still looks appropriate if the weather is a little cooler...

Finally in the winter it scrubs up pretty good with tights and looks kind of mod (OK, the sun is blazing brightly in these photos, you just have to use your imagination and conjure up a bit of rain and cold wind to get the winter vibe in these pictures...)

Just for interest, I am wearing the purple version for today...


  1. The skirt looks really great in every look. Best combination for me is second and third.

  2. It does look good with everything. That is such an awesome skirt.

  3. How gorgeous! I think I should make something similar! I don't have anything in corduroy, although I do have memories of my corduroy pants that I wore in 1997 that were very loud when I walked (a problem only understood by those of us whose inner thighs rub together!).

    I have to say, with a clever design, a corduroy ball gown would be very unusual and fabulous!

  4. I love the purple and yellow version.
    You're on a roll!

  5. It is definitely a hard working skirt :) .... because it is winter and very cold these
    days here I am drawn to the winter look, but I love all versions :)

  6. I love your green skirt. It suits you very much...