Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tea Cosy, specimen 10

Here is the tea cosy I made for my sister-in-law A for her birthday last year, photographed in her kitchen amongst some of her adorable knick-knacks.  She has their house full of beautiful things, so wherever you look is yet another beautiful vignette of lovely objects arranged just so.  I think if she chose she could have been an interior designer, or a photographic stylist as she really has the "eye".  I chose these warm earthy colours for her cosy as they are very indicative of her warm, earthy personality; she has a big heart and a caring, friendly demeanour that impels people to warm to her immediately.  The pattern is a Roly Poly, from the book "Wild Tea Cosies" by Loani Prior.
The little blue milk jug at the back is also made by a family member, but I'm not sure now which one.  My father, my aunt and my brother have all made beautiful pottery pieces, which are treasured by all of us, so it is the work of one of them, must make it my mission to find out.


  1. Your tea cosys are just so cute. We don't drink tea but seeing your pictures of these makes me want to start :)

  2. Yes I agree A always gives us the most warmest of welcomes. Excellent choice of colours so beautifully captured.

  3. oh man i just LOVE this!! its so wonderful, that tea cosy!