Wednesday, February 10, 2010

By the lake

Today the sky is grey and white; the sun is veiled behind an impenetrable smudgy mattress and there’s a cool sharp tang in the air; such a relief after a hot few days.  For those of us who like photography; we’re joyously bursting out of the shadows and into the open air with our cameras, as the lack of harsh direct sunlight means a return to our pictures of some focus, details and colour!  Yes, colour is the first victim in our strong Australian light, and as for details such as a pretty print or beautiful embroidery, well subtle contrasts just disappear into a general blob of indeterminate brightness.
Another cause for general celebration is the opportunity for me to don a cardigan; and I JUST LOVE cardigans!  They’re a wardrobe item I can’t get enough of….  Oh, yeah, apart from shoes.  And sandals…. and, er, ok then, lots of other stuff too… oh,  I’m such a fashion sucker.
I left my sunnies off for this photo, partly because I felt I was wearing them way too much in my photos and I wanted to mix it up a little, and partly because I thought I could get away without them in this more subdued light, but it’s actually still pretty bright out today.  I’m trying hard not to squint in this photo, not very successfully I can see now.  Well, it’s actually supposed to be about the fashion and not about my face, really.
I’ve worn this dress on and off over summer; this is the one with a too-short zip that entails much wriggling and tugging to actually get on and off, imagine a deranged lunatic struggling with a strait-jacket in a padded cell and you’re getting some idea.  I love the embroidery and appliqué on this fabric, and the odd subdued colours.  I think they’re set off well with this bright aqua silk scarf, and a little demure charcoal cardigan.

Dress; my own design variations on New Look 6699, using two cotton prints
Cardigan; Country Road
Scarf; aqua silk chiffon, made by me
Sandals; Micam by Joanne Mercer, bought from Hobbs
Nail varnish; my own mix of BYS French White and Mint Condition


  1. I've only just come across your blog and I love how creatively you are sewing.

  2. Arrgghhh today reminded me that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to wear in winter! Am starting to get worried about it, and I actually have no idea what to make (plenty of summer ideas but nothing for winter!). I also adore cardigans, especially long ones!

    Ooo your Wardrobe Refashion expires soon? Are you going to go crazy with buying new stuff? Or renew it? Mine is for 6 months and I actually have not once wanted to buy any new clothes, so I'm pleased! (Although have not actually done any refashions due to my overlocker being broken - hopefully fixed now, though!)

    Meanwhile, I love the swamp dress! It's brilliant! I often find that you make the most interesting things when you're forced to make something out of limited amounts of fabric.

  3. You have such a way with words. I love how you describe the scenery around you. With the lighting, the colors really do show up better. I love the color of your hair. So pretty. I just realized how much your daughter resembles you. You are both beautiful.

    That is one gorgeous skirt.

  4. I must say that pretty much "every" outfit you have posted are outfits I would buy if I came across them in a store....(or sew myself).I have them stored away in my mind(vault) :) This is such a gorgeous outfit and the skirt is "magnifique"!