Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carpet of flowers

Felt like going a bit flowery and feminine today.  We have this beautiful long row of pink hibiscus near our house so for my photo I rushed over to advantage of the local colour, so to speak...  I love hibiscus for their showy and yet elegant flowers, and their soft very feminine colours.  I only wish one could cut their flowers; imagine a huge armful in an old-fashioned cut crystal vase on the sideboard.  It would be so nice, but hibiscus are notorious for their bad behaviour once cut, they close up immediately and refuse to come out to play, one imagines they are sulking from being cut off from their bush...
I made this dress at the beginning of last spring, using Vogue 7748 as a basic wrap dress pattern but adding my own design details, for more technical information see here...  
The flower pin in my hair I made myself; it is just one of those silk flowers on a stalk from Spotlight, with the stalk cut off and the flower superglued onto a bobby pin.
My husband is working all today so I'm off to morning tea with a friend, doing girly type stuff like window shopping and looking at nurseries, thus my frilly floral ensemble....  Its nice to feel like a real girl every once in a while.

Dress; my own variations on Vogue 7748, floral polyester chiffon
Shoes; Micam by Joanne Mercer, Hobbs
Hair pin; made from a silk flower
Nail varnish; own mix of BYS Mint Condition and French White


  1. Gorgeous dress! I don't think I've seen you wearing floral on your blog before! At least not very often. It really suits you.

  2. Pretty dress! You always dress feminine and girly! And yes, hibiscus don't even last very long on the plant let alone if you pick them.

  3. So feminine and romantic. You look fantastic in floral. I love your style.

  4. Beautiful fabric, lovely design...great job. I really enjoy this one and am enjoying your blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous dress! Love the fabric!