Saturday, February 27, 2010

Head to toe, turquoise

Turquoise.  Lashings of it.  This outfit brings back to me cerulean memories of Santorini and all its abundance of charm.  The vivid sea, the stark and yet rustic houses.  Most beautiful holiday, ever.
(The extremely strong wind that we had this morning also was a reminder of that holiday, I am completely wind-blasted in this photo....)
I can remember a saying from when I was growing up; "Blue and green should never be seen"  Be seen together, that is.  I guess it was a fashion faux pas back in the day.  Seems needlessly restrictive nowadays as colour combinations wax and wane in popularity faster than a monthly Vogue can keep up and it seems anything goes in the fashion world.  And what about lovely turquoise?  Somewhere in between blue and green, vacillating back and forth, a tonally peaceful companion to both.  Today I'm wearing my latest turquoise skirt with blue, and a bit of green, just to be daring (ha ha)...  I think it looks OK.
Sewing notes about the hem; when I made this skirt I didn't initially purchase enough fabric to make the length called for in the pattern.  Didn't really matter, as I wanted a shorter skirt than that anyway, but when it came time to hem I realised I didn't even have the length for a decent hem, or at least one that was going to leave me with a decent skirt!!.  
So I did this: using some matching turquoise cotton I cut a 7cm strip of bias, after pressing 1cm over on each side I had a 5cm hemming band.  This I attached to the lower overlocked edge of my skirt with a 1cm seam allowance.  I pressed this up directly on the skirt/bias tape seam and invisibly handstitched the hem down at the top of the bias tape.  Voila.  Hem is now acceptably deep.

Skirt; Vogue 1023 view C, shortened, turquoise polycotton
Camisole; Country Road
Cardigan; Metalicus
Sandals; lasoffitadi Gilde
Bracelet; jade and silver, gift from my parents


  1. That is a very lovely shade, and both colors work perfectly together.

    You look great in this outfit.

  2. Blue and green should ALWAYS be seen! It's one of my favourite colour combinations, along with pink and red. And red on redheads.


  3. The blue and green go together perfectly.
    I admire your style, you always have the most interesting clothes and always look lovely.

  4. You can never have too much turquoise.

  5. this was quiet a cute outfit although i must ask in the scorching heat of yesterday how did u possible bring urself to put on a cardigan even for just a minuet!? i still stand by what i said about the orange beads.

  6. It was real windy in the early morning when I took this photo, so the cardigan was not too stifling. Then I went shopping in an airconditioned shopping centre, cardigan required! I always freeze to death in the freezer aisle of the shops! I agree about the orange beads... I'll be borrowing them next time...!

  7. I'd heard it as "Blue and green should never be seen, without a color in between", and I think it was more a superstition than a fashion dictate. Love this outfit - turquoise is one of my favorite colors.