Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leda and the Swan

What to wear when the forecast is for 38C, and your daughter requests that you both ride your bikes into the city to take photos of buildings for an architectural assignment?
Precisely.  After a hot exhausting bike ride you're probably not going to look glamorous for your photo opportunity.  See below exhibit A, and please excuse the crumpled and bedraggled state of the model.
I know, I know, white lace again, but I needed something cool, loose and comfortable and this fitted the bill perfectly.
I'll keep this shirt until it falls apart, I think.  Even then I'll be inventing ways of patching it up so I can still wear it...  It was just made out of quilting cotton, about 3 years ago, as a kind of experiment, and it has been such a winner.  It's so comfy, and I like to think it looks kinda nice, too...  I used New Look 6483 as a basic T-shirt, but added plenty of my own design variations.  I experimented with pintucking, puffy sleeves, and inserting panels of crotcheted lace for a Victorian-inspired look.
And my little white shorts, from Burda 7723, a great easy pattern.  I've made up this pattern once more and flared and lengthened the legs a little and I preferred that look.  These have been indispensable in my summer wardrobe.

Top; my own design, based on NewLook 6483, cream cotton and crotched lace inserts
Shorts; Burda 7723, white linen
Bag; made by my Mum


  1. oh, I love the lace inserts. Will have to try that out myself!

  2. Great outfit! I love the details of the blouse.
    I collect lace-trim almost manically (unless I keep myself from the shops with the real goodies) but haven't had a clue what to make from them so far, this is a great idea.
    Summer looks soooooo dreamy, but I guess with +38 it's less so than it looks (we're experiencing our coldest and most snowy winter in 20+ years here, such contrasts...)

  3. Wow! I love this top! The lace inset is so beautiful!

  4. Lace inserts perfectly positioned. love the idea and result. Vertical inserts also give a slimming appearance. Not that you needed it.