Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reptilia; a trend

The last time I went into Spotlight my eye was caught by this:

Python print satin, well I got so excited and just had to buy some.  This sort of fabric is pretty much not my usual cup of tea at all.  Even my husband, on spotting it (ha ha) said, "That's not like you".  (Amazing that he should even notice the fabric I'm buying, for one;  impressive, no?)  
I think I'm getting caught up in the zeitgeist of fashion.
Does anyone remember these beauties?  Last year Prada sent these divine dresses down the catwalk, and if python print was available that season I would have definitely been buying some, for sure.  Prada has always been ahead of her time, a barometer for a future trend.  She’s a master at sending out looks that seem to catch up with the rest of us a few years later on, and it seems this collection was no exception.
Photos from Prada Spring/Summer 09

In my latest Vogue magazine imagine my excitement to see this, and this…
(from Bally)

Even Alexander McQueen, in what was sadly to be his last collection went all scaly-armoured.  Get a load of this, written by Sarah Mower for www.style.com
"Then the models came out, dressed in short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, their gangly legs sunk in grotesque shoes that looked like the armored heads of a fantastical breed of antediluvian sea monster. McQueen, according to an internal logic detailed in a press release, was casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves."
Wow.  I wish I had that gift with words.  Instead I just have to let the picture do the talking...
Photo at left from Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 10

So, is my wardrobe going to become futuristic, fantastical and reptilian?  Well not completely, but I may be injecting into it just a little taste of this trend for autumn/winter...


  1. There was a wonderful photo of Paloma Picasso in the Sydney Morning Herald wearing a simple black with animal print sides - but hey why not a satin python instead?

  2. Wow, I must say I like the idea of python-prints when you show it like this! Am looking forward to see what you make from it!

  3. I too am anxious to see what you make with your fabric :

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    I have really been enjoying your blog. I made a "snakeskin" skirt in 2008 (I blog about it here: http://sewinlikethewind.blogspot.com/2008/12/snakeskin-skirt.html ).

    I wear it often (to work even) and really love it. The secret, I think, is to keep everything else very neutral so you don't look silly (insane).

    Good Luck!