Friday, February 19, 2010

Turquoise pencil skirt

I've made this skirt for my autumn wardrobe, but thought dang it! I'm wearing it today.  Well, with a temp of 30C it's finally cool enough to wear something like this, and I thought, what the hey, I'm going to the beach!  I was hoping the sand was cooler so there won't be so much danger of burning one's toes.  And I was right.  It was gorgeous at the beach, and I had a swim after taking my photos.
Instead of turning to my tried and true Vogue 7303 I plucked out a different pattern from my collection, a real oldie, this one dating back from my teenage years, I think.  It's Vogue 1023, no doubt out of print by now.  I'm vaguely certain my mother made the long version of this for me to wear for my school concert band formal dress...  Anyhoo, decided from the cover illustrations to make version C, took out all the pattern pieces and was quite disappointed to find the pocket piece and the waistband piece were missing... not devastating enough that I couldn't work these out for myself, but a little sad to see it wasn't intact any more...
I selected this fabric for its colour, I really wanted some punch for autumn.  (Please note I'm trying to inject a little colour in my wardrobe!)  
I love it.  Not feeling quite brave enough to pair with other bright colours yet and playing it safe today with a white shirt, but I'm sure I'll get over that...

Skirt; Vogue 1023 view C, shortened, turquoise polycotton
Top; New Look 6252, white seersucker
Necklace; from the surf shop on Rottnest Island
Nail varnish; own mix of BYS Mint Condition and French White


  1. I adore your skirt and the cute little godets or pleats or whatever you call them at the bottom. The color is awesome.

  2. Love the colour and love the top too. You always look great and I love to see what you come up with next. Very inspiring.

  3. Hey, I just discovered your blog thru the wardrobe refashion site (which I will be joining soon!). I have enjoyed looking through it- I love your style- very romantic, but in a kind of sleek way. And I love your dyeing techniques of using clothes to dye other clothes!

    Thanks for sharing your talents!


    P.S. I live in the U.S. on the East Coast, so I am very envious of all your beach pictures right now. We have had TONS of snow lately!

  4. Gorgeous skirt.

    Wonderful photography. I'd be interested in some tips on how to take better photos. Do you use a tripod, a timer, help from someone else? Do the poses come naturally or do you have model training or... ?

    Thanks - Myrna

  5. Fantastic looking skirt and the color is beautiful!

  6. That is really a beautiful skirt. A pencil.....with a kick, eh? Lovely color and lovely photograph. I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for sharing.