Monday, March 22, 2010

Canal Rocks II

These deceptively calm photos belie the fact that this afternoon we have endured the most massive storm, stronger and more ferocious than I've seen in years!!  Hard to believe a day ago we had balmy summer heat and relentless blue skies, the last ten hours has seen torrential rain (a welcome component, the first rain we've seen here in three months!) and hail (not so welcome, we've lost two windows...), thunder, lightning and flooded roads... my son's car came to a slow standstill in the middle of a puddle, (I admit to a little giggle at that one!), luckily he was just metres from home and managed to glide to the side of the road and just had to make a soggy sprint the rest of the way home, in his words dodging flying tree branches and struggling against buffeting winds.  My other children sought refuge in a kebab shop to escape hailstones "the size of golfballs" and made me a panicked phone call to "please pick them up", of course I was stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam and wondering if my car was going to come out of the storm pockmarked like a golfball itself from the fierce hail rat-a-tatting on my roof....
Finished mopping up and all safe and sound now and only just had power restored in the last few minutes so I'm sharing with you some more photos of a last few rays of sunshine over the ocean; the calm before the storm...
The above photo is my outfit for today; I know I wore these shorts only a few days ago, a wardrobe repeat that is the result of criminally bad packing for a weekend away, but these photos my husband took have such magnificent colours, no?

Shorts; Burda 7723 slightly modified, charcoal gabardine refashioned from old skirt
Camisole and cardigan; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs


  1. Unfortunately mum fails to capture the sheer excitement and shock scare that this storm wrenched upon her children. Sigh i have to admit these photos are beautiful though

  2. I must come to Australia to do my photo shoots.

  3. Oh girl what a day! Golf ball sized hail?!?!? Lost a couple of windows? Sheesh a couple weeks back we got pea sized hail for all of 5 minutes or so. I am sure I would be with the kids and freaking out at your hail.

    Classy outfit, as usual and gorgeous scenery.

    (and thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog!)