Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The clean-up begins...

So today I'm taking stock of the mess and devastation around our house from yesterday's storm.  Perhaps an outfit post for the day seems inappropriate but now I'm so in the habit of popping my camera into my backpack I just went ahead and set up for a photo as usual.  Apologies for the fairly boring outfit I've chosen today...  Actually I do love the swirling puffy clouds with bruised smudges above, with every so often a blaze of brilliant turquoise to delight us...  The funny thing is it is a pretty hot day again today, and in this photo I was sweltering...  a good opportunity for me to put on my bathers when I got home and get started on a fun activity; I spent three quarters of an hour dredging the pool to the best of my ability.
Paradoxically I've always thought of the wind and rain as nature's way of "cleaning up" the earth's surface, as in the wind can be thought of as nature's broom/vacuum cleaner blowing the dust away and the rain washes everything down clean and sparkling like a new pin all over again.  When we visited Egypt and the streets and buildings were so dusty and dirty I remember thinking what this place needs is a good strong wind followed by a thorough downpour to clean up a bit.  I say paradoxical because after a wild storm like yesterday of course the landscape is so much messier than before, and needs so much cleaning up after!!  I guess my simile isn't particularly applicable after all!
So I'm outside wandering around with rake and broom and the thought "Where do I even begin?" pops into my head regularly.  For one thing, the piles of debris vs. the volume of our household bin.. there's quite a discrepancy there for a start.  This is going to take time.  I'm finding myself lurching from one job to another without seeming to achieve anything very much at all...  One thing is for sure, my dressmaking hobby is going to go on the back-burner for a while.  My laundry where I usually sew is filled knee-high with piles of wet old towels/rags we used to clean up the worst of the inside puddles... and my washing machine is working overtime today.  
I'd have to say the plus-side of being without power last night, after everyone had got over the initial withdrawal symptoms from electronic entertainment (What? we're going to miss Bear Grylls?!  Noooooo...!") was that everybody set to and made their own old-fashioned entertainment by candlelight.  Something we should do more often, methinks...

Lace top; my own design, cut-away embroidered linen
Cargo pants; urban, from Ezibuy
Camisole; Country Road
Scarf; made by me, turquoise silk chiffon


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  2. i never got over missing Bear Grylls :( but after hearing everyone else's stories from uni (including some poor block whose top floor apartment contained a sky light) im no longer complaining about my afternoon.

  3. Good luck with the clean up, Carolyn. I've never been in that kind of situation, so I can't even imagine....
    Anyway, take care, take it easy.

  4. I'm so sorry you've got such a big mess on your hands. I hope the clean up goes smoothly.

    I agree that we should try old-fashioned entertainment more often.

  5. We should do the games by candlelight with my little one - I bet he would love it. -- Even without the benefit of a storm. Last year with a tornado warning we were in the bathroom with his trucks playing ... which was fun in it's own way. (as the tornado didn't materialize!!)

    Hope the cleanup efforts begin to make a difference soon ....

  6. Major storms such as the one you had can be very scary.
    I'm happy to hear you are all ok and no one got hurt.
    Clean ups are so much work and I hope all goes smoothly and quickly for you.