Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knotted rope necklace; a tutorial

Even though we are technically well into autumn, with a forecast of 32C today it's still feeling a lot like summer.  Not counting last week's storm, that is.  The past week has been absolutely glorious.  So everyone is still dressing in summer type gear.  When you live here, that often means beachy inspired stuff. Beachside fashion is huge in Australia.  Particularly with teenagers.  I have no wish to go around looking like a teenager, but some beach and surf gear can be quite sophisticated and still fun.  The March issue of Vogue was all surf inspired, and I caught sight of this necklace.  You may be able to read the price of this thing printed there in the middle.  Yes, $110.  Hooley dooley!

This piece is interesting, colourful and ripe for a DIY.  Right up my alley.  Actually, confession, I bought the bits and pieces for this DIY about three weeks ago, and am just only getting around to it now, my experience at making my Chanel style chain belt put me off jewellery making for a while... but I needn't have stressed as this was a breeze.
I bought 3m of brightly coloured cotton rope and some end bits.  This cost me about $10.  Not pictured here, but you also need a needle, scissors and matching thread.  I used embroidery thread, but that's because I inherited a lifetime supply of this from my great-aunt and my grandmother, any thread would do.

Fold the rope into three equal lengths.

Simply knot the rope in five evenly spaced knots.  I spent a bit of time getting them exactly even but I'm a bit obsessive that way, and it would probably look just as good a bit more randomly spaced...

Measure around your neck where you want the necklace to hang and mark each of the ends with a pin.

Using your matching thread sew a few firm stitches through all layers to secure them together.

Cut the ends off, and sew on an end piece, using loose stitches so it stands away a bit from your rope end.

Finish off by winding the thread tightly around the rope ends to bind down any loose ends poking out, and secure the ends.

Voila and ready to wear!  Even though I attached jewellery ends to the necklace I find I can still slip it over my head pretty easily without having to undo the catch.
I like the funky, casual, different look of this necklace; its not your average kind of accessory (and so the perfect accessory for me) and cost a lot less than the original.  Win!


  1. I saw the picture.. then i saw the price. This is a nice thing but still 110 $ is "a bit" too much =D
    And your neclase is even more beuatiful to me!

  2. What a great DIY project! I cannot believe that anyone would pay $110 for this! Your version is much more pocket book friendly.

  3. Wow! That's cute. Thanks so much for the tute.

    Have you see my hula hooping pics yet on my latest post? I hadn't hula hooped since I was a kid. I think it may just become my new form of exercise. I got out with the kids in the backyard yesterday and we were all doing it. Great fun.

  4. Mmm, nice! I had bookmarked a similar tutorial a while ago : http://www.lovemaegan.com/2010/03/easy-rope-necklace-diy.html

    yours reminds me that this is something I would really like to try out.

    And it was small handfuls of pepper, fortunately it didn't come out of the shaker fast enough. :)

  5. Endless possibilities for matching outfits....Very nice!

  6. Hey Carolyn, thank you for the comment on my dress. I love your knot-tical necklace. I thought my other fabric was butterflies but it big old flowers instead in blue, black and white. I'll use another pattern for that one though.

  7. Lovely necklace. Nice and simple and easy to make! Love it!!!

  8. I read this
    a few days ago and I am just itching to use it somehow. Thanks for this tute!!!!

  9. You have not technically inherited the embroidery threads yet, I am still alive and they are on loan. However I like the neckornament

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