Friday, March 26, 2010

Mossy Feather dress

I read a very funny post by Erin recently in which she pointed out how Anthropologie gave their garments cutesie little names in which to entice customers into buying...  I've decided to give my creations names from now on.  Actually in my head some of my clothes have little nicknames already, you may remember the Bouchee dress, I also have the Straightjacket dress, you may be able to picture it although I've not formally given it this name in this blog yet... and the Maternity dress...  er it's dawning on me these are not enticing names and I need to lift my game up somewhat.  Need to tap into my inner poet (haha!)
So today's dress.  The newly named Mossy Feather dress.  Yesterday I posted about garments I make that are put away and almost forgotten about, well this one was a pleasant surprise when I unearthed it a few days ago.  I made it back in November, and promptly forgot about it over summer.  Doh!  It's from Vogue 2820, an Anna Sui design, and made from the most mouthwatering silk printed with an abstract tracery of feathers and leaves, and in earthy woodland colours, a mix of brown-pinks, chocolate and moss green reminiscent of a Renaissance master landscape...  The trim is a deep chocolate nylon net.  Looking back I was having a love affair with my new Ducky shoes (thankyou Lily for inspiring that nickname!) and was planning for a wardrobe to match...  Still adore these shoes...

Dress; Vogue 2820 view B, printed silk
Shoes; Ducky, bought online from KronKron


  1. Wow
    Looks like you have been born from the bushland around you.
    Unique and classy.
    Well done.

  2. He he, I enjoyed Erin naming her garments too, having recently discovered her blog. Yours is quite poetic.

    I may leave the velvet jacket, after looking at the photos I wasn't quite so sure what was wrong with it. Why is it that the mirror and photos aren't the same? sigh ... maybe I should just make my Tshirts fit better. That was working well!!

  3. WOW WOW & WOW.....this has to be one of my very favorite pictures you have posted so far, and I truly love all your pictures. The fabric, the style the colors the fit.. are all fantastic...and the background, amazing,where are you? it looks so majestic..

  4. Great job on the dress. You are blending right in with nature.

  5. This is really beautiful! I have this pattern, and some vintage cold rayon fabric. I must get going with some sewing. I love your photos here, and your entire blog is awe-inspiring.