Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pattern Magic; toile 3, "detsubori" no shatsu

The latest toile from this excellent book.  I think this is a fantastic book if you are a reasonably advanced seamstress who wishes to learn something about pattern manipulation and drafting.  I've never done this sort of thing before and I'm finding it challenging and good practice for any pattern alteration and/or drafting I may want to try in the future.  I have no idea what "detsubori" or "no shatsu" mean.  If anyone out there has any Japanese and can enlighten me ...? 
For this one Bessie is obliging by being my model for today.  This blouse is a very clever design in how it incorporated the bust dart in to the sculptural er, "things" out the front making them even more, er, sticky-outy...  it's probably a little eccentric for me, I guess the plus side of these is at least you have a place to tuck a hankie if you need one?  Yeah.  No other plusses occurring to me.
I didn't do a very good job of inserting the sleeves, but, meh...  This one is going to remain for now just a toile.  Maybe someday when I am far more adventurous than I am now then this made up in a stiff crisp white linen may make a wonderfully avant-garde evening shirt ... someday.


  1. Very interesting. I'm sure you are learning a lot.

    Thank you so much for my birthday wishes.

  2. I am so thrilled that you would like to be a guest blogger on my sewing blog. I think you will be awesome! I will making a schedule of those who wish to do this and then let you know when your turn is up. In the meantime, you can get your post ready ahead of time if you like and email it to me at this email address, trudy dot callan at gmail dot com, not the one on my profile page, with whatever photographs you would like me to put in the post. You can either chose the topic you would like to write about, or I can send you interview questions to answer. If you wish to chose a topic, a possible one could be about refashioning since you are so good at it. But if it's easier for you to do an interview format, that's okay, too. There are questions in there that will allow you to put your two cents in about any topic you would like to expound upon. Just let me know which way you want to go. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. AWESOME! You could totally pull that off!

    I think it would be extra awesome if the sleeves and the bit above the pointy boobs was made out of silk organza and the pointy boob bit and the back was a nice stiff silk dupioni or something. That way it would tone down the style and make it look more like a strapless bodice with a top underneath rather than a top with random pointy boob things (not that there's anything wrong with that, I think it's awesome but it is definitely for the more adventurous dresser).

  4. I've just recently found your blog and have been going through the archives from the beginning. Very inspiring!

    It's been over a year and a half since this post, so you've probably figured out the Japanese already (which I'm sure I will discover as I keep ploughing through). Anyway, "shatsu" (or more accurately "shaatsu"), is simply "shirt" transliterated into Japanese syllables. So it's a detsubori shirt. No idea what "detsubori" is, so I'm afraid I'm not much help.

  5. It is fabulous! I think I will use it in my jacket next time.