Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red floral skirt; 6 different ways

Today I'm doing another "6-ways to wear an item of clothing in my wardrobe" post.  Phew, that's a horribly in-succinct title....
I'm showcasing my red floral skirt, made from Vogue 2894 that has been an absolute little gem in my wardrobe all summer, and I continue to reach for it well into autumn too.  It's become a fast favourite, although I've made some new stuff recently and I should start wearing some of that now ... does anyone else make clothes and them put them carefully away in their wardrobe on a padded hanger, virtually not to see the light of day for a few more months because you consider them "too good" to wear just yet?  I'm terrible that way.
Anyhoo, I've had some fun dressing up this skirt in a few different ways, for hot weather and a few cool weather options in there too.  I've worn it in several different ways already in this blog and here I've searched for a few new options in my wardrobe with which to wear it in the coming months.
The beauty of a multicoloured garment like this one is that it has plenty of colours in it to pick out, which can be colour matched as in below, at left a casual summer version and at right a casual version for cooler weather.  

Also, some colour contrasts will work equally well.  I'm a believer that denim works with practically everything, and especially with red I just love it...

Even though the skirt has neither navy or chocolate in it these contrasting colours fit in tonally with the sharp clear and strong colours in the skirt and work well as cooler weather neutrals with it as here:

In a post-script, my clean up is progressing well.  I took two of these photos today, and can you guess which two photos are the post-storm ones?  No?  Well, that's because I've done such a fab job cleaning up this corner of the garden...!  (hehe)
For interest, the denim jacket and the hot pink cardi version I shot today, and the latter is the version I'm wearing for today...


  1. Such a beautiful lovely skirt u have! my top fave ~ paired with hot pink cardie-you looks so much like 20s something :)~ paired with turtleneck top,love the whole look-so uber chic!

  2. Yes, I leave things in my closet!! Such a problem with "too good to wear" - I haven't worn my new floral skirt yet either. Will probably wear it easter Sunday. Yours is fabulous and versatile! I think I will add some more to my wardrobe before full-on summer hits here.

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    This lady is amazing, I've done a bunch of her pork and beef recipes, and they are all spot-on delicious!