Friday, April 30, 2010

Anatomy of a ball dress, pt 6

My dress is finished and I planned to put it on and take a photo of the final appearance for today, but you know what?   I realised I should probably wait until tomorrow to take a photo of it, when my hair has been "done" and I've put on some make-up etc.  May as well be as presentable as possible when showing off the new dress.
For today I'll show you some of the final details, the little bitsy odds and sods that are boring but essential to a well finished off gown...
Here is the inside of the finished bodice, with lining sewn in by hand to the waistline and zip tape...

I had bought some white velvet ribbon to tie the corset closed but upon putting it in and trying the dress on with it I realised it was just too white.  You know, like bright bright almost blue white that did not sit well with the softer creamy white that is the backdrop of the overdress...  not all whites are created equal, as I should well know being an avid buyer of white fabrics and garments my whole life.  Sometimes slight differences don't matter;  this time it did.  Trust me.  So I had to fit in a trip to Spotlight to get some black velvet ribbon.  As a side note, whilst I was in Spotlight I was also waylaid by some un-walk-away-from-able fabric, and somehow I also have 2m of pale grey wool flannel, 1m of khaki grosgrain ribbon and 2m of slightly stretchy black denim newly in my possession... (shamefaced, I think I need help...)

Laced the black ribbon through and folded down a tiny double fold on each edge and hand-sewed down.  I love velvet ribbon but it is a mad frayer, which is not an attractive look btw...

And sewed in a hook and eye to the petticoat.

These are the earrings I'm planning to wear.  I bought these four years ago from Sophie Kyron, who is a Perth accessories designer.  These are fantastic earrings that have gone with all the evening wear I've ever made, always make a big statement and add a huge wow factor to any outfit...

I'm pretty excited about the ball now and super happy with my dress.  Hopefully my genius of a hairdresser will be able to do something with this unruly hair of mine and tomorrow I will be looking as glamourous as I'm able...
Until tomorrow...!


  1. I'm very excited to see the dress and the complete look! You have put so much work into it. I'm sure it's fabulous.

  2. Oh, me too. I can't wait to see it!

  3. So excited to see the finished dress with you in it, Gorgeous! It's been a true labour of love.

  4. I can't wait! The earrings are lovely, by the way! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  5. I can't wait to see it all put together! Soooo neat.

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