Monday, April 26, 2010

"Colonel Mustard" shirt

I made this shirt last summer as part of my autumn sewing plan to brighten up my wardrobe and add a bit more colour.  The fabric isn't very nice; it's a sort of polycotton, the same as my turquoise skirt.  I only bought it because of the great colour.  Also being a crush-proof fabric, thought it would prove practical in my animal-centric lifestyle.
Digging it out recently, I'm kinda thrilled this will fit in with my autumn/winter plans to inject a military flavour into my daywear.  When I had first finished it I felt a tad Star Trekky in it and tucked it away in my wardrobe with a slight shudder, thinking, hmm, will do for under jumpers and jackets as a nice spot of colour with the earthy tones of winter; but now I'm feeling more friendly towards it and actually am planning on wearing all exposed like, as here.  Does anyone else do that, make something, take an immediate dislike to it and shove it away, only to rediscover it a few months down the track and realise it's not so bad after all?

Shirt; Burda 8548, mustard polycotton, with short sleeves and two randomly placed added pockets (one on R front, other on L sleeve)
Skirt; Diesel
Shoes; Perrini, had these for donkey's years


  1. Oh so incredibly cute. And so well fitting.

    Thanks for the very helpful and encouraging post on my blog!

  2. I do that too, sometimes. And it also happens the other way round, unfortunately. When I made my first jacket, I loved it instantly, but I have hardly worn it since. After more than one go at it, I can only see the flaws...

  3. I recently did that with the first button down shirt I made. It's still not the best quality but I'm liking it more and more. It's nautically influenced and, well, what's not to like?

    I love this color, by the way.

  4. Funny the way we often reject garments that look great on us. Mustard is definely a colour made for you.

  5. I agree with Gail - the colour looks super on you. And it's a really well-fitting, lovely shirt you've made.

  6. Oh, I've been looking for a fitted, button-down shirt pattern. Does it have a collar stand? It looks like it does. Will have to search it out. I think it looks lovely one, but I do that with bright colors ... ooooh, I can't really wear that! Then I find after a while I can...

  7. The style and color of this outfit suits you perfectly. You look great.

  8. The title was hilarious!

    I think this looks great. It looks really well-fitted and professionally done (esp. the front placket).

  9. I love mustard! Alas it does not love me!

    I love that shirt! I love the "Star Trekky" quality. You have a lovely long neck so you can pull it off.