Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grey and mustard

I attended a very pleasant birthday morning tea for a friend this morning, so dashed very quickly into the park to take this morning's photo:  this top is my own design, refashioned from my old pair of pants, first posted about here.  I'm pretty thrilled with this because I always get compliments when I wear it, and to think grey is supposedly "not my colour".
On my last visit to the op shop I picked up this skirt, in the $2 rack!!  I didn't even try it on, just thought, hey great colour and grabbed it, thinking I could make something else out of it if it didn't fit.  Well, the op shop fairy was smiling on me that afternoon, because not only did it fit perfectly, but that was also the day I picked up my lilac suede skirt, and a beige suede skirt, both of which also fit me.  I think this skirt and top look like they were made to go together!  
Now having worn this skirt for half a day I can see why it was so unloved by its previous owner; the lining is made out of that particularly horrible lining fabric that clings to your legs in a very annoying cloying hair-raising way.  I'm going to have to take it out and replace it, although this will be a refashion that will be invisible to the casual observer.  Well, hopefully an invisible refashion anyhow.  The skirt is perfect in every other way.
I have done a bit more work on my ballgown but will leave that for another day, for now here is an entry I submitted to the Polyvore eco-chic competition (all items recycled or fair-trade, and eco friendly), you can see the hold mustard and grey is having on me lately...  
For me now it's back to the office...

Top; own design, grey linen mix, refashioned from old 3/4 pants
Skirt; Millers, from Salvos op shop
Sandals; Vicenza, from Soletta shoes
Bag; Gucci


  1. Beautiful bag, and I like that top. I don't think that grey doesn't suit you. Grey looks good with all erathy colors, and earthy colors deffinitelly looks good on you =D

  2. Nice colour combination... By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog. In fact, I'm largely self-taught as well, just took a short course when I wanted to start drafting my own patterns. If you used to love math, you could definately make your own patterns. In fact, you already did, and from a Japanese book no less. I've never used those, but I would say you could probably do great things, at less expense of time, with a book like 'metric pattern cutting'. When I used to sew from patterns, I would always get so annoyed with the fitting issues. Of course, I sometimes have other issues now, but I think I prefer those.

  3. I just love that bag! The outfit is nice, but I love big bags!

  4. I love this outfit! and the top is so unique. It does seem like the blouse and skirt were made for eachother. The colors look great on you!

  5. I can see why you would get lots is compliments, this outfit
    is gorgeous :)

  6. Love this outfit, your top is gorgeous and looks great on you. I used to think grey makes me look ill but i'm wearing it more and more now. Have a great day x

  7. Very pretty, the colours in combination and in combination with the colour of your hair look like some of my favourite hues of aquarelle-paint (is it simply called watercolour? I'm loosing my words...).
    Ah, I miss the Australian climate! It's spring here now, but I think it will be warmer where you are even in the middle of your winter/our summer. In fact, I miss Australia... your gum-trees make me remember how much!

  8. Fantastic job you did! Love the bag and the color combination!
    Any chance to show us a pattern of your top? Or detailed photos?
    I am into the pants refashioning... Check this link: http://cloed.mur.at/category/kollektion/