Friday, April 23, 2010

Mauve and apricot

It's wonderful when you go to the wardrobe and discover a dress that you had almost forgotten you had.  And this is a new dress, it's not that long since I made it, shame on me.  Must be getting forgetful, first sign of old age...?
I love this colour combination of the purple-y mauve with soft apricot orange, whispers "autumn" to me so well.  Later in the supermarket when I donated to the ANZAC's and got this sticker, it happened to go so nicely with my outfit, fortuitous, no?
I met up with some friends for morning tea this morning, had a few errands afterwards and rounded up the day out with a revisit to Ricarda with my daughter so I could get a closer look at the clothes I saw in the parade the other night; up close I marvelled even more over the cut and construction of those lovely garments.  Of course the prices made us gasp, but if they weren't expensive then they wouldn't be so exciting, right?

Dress; Burda 8511, shot silk hessian
Cardigan; Nine, from Labels boutique
Boots; Enrico Antinori from Zomp shoes


  1. Nice outfit! Whispering autumn, you say? At first glance, it made me think of recent magazine articles I've read which claimed 'sorbet colours' were the new big thing for the seriously stylish this spring. They used clothes in colours like these, though combined with white and pale yellow to illustrate that.

  2. THAT's what I would love to do, is examine the construction details of high end clothes ...

    I love your colour combination ... it looks exactly like some of the wildflowers together I have seen here ... lovely!

  3. I love the combination of the mauve and apricot.

    I love to exam high-end clothes, too. I call that snoop shopping, a borrowed term.

  4. Hi, love your blog and love your dress too!

  5. I just love that color combination. Who would have thought that they would go together so well?