Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 Raspberry Cushions

Flash-back about seven years: we picked this chair up at Melville Markets (a local carboot sale) for $5; it was pretty rickety because it was missing its front foot-strut.  My clever husband whipped up a new one the same afternoon and we had a nice new chair for our entrance hall!
I had a piece of foam cut to fit its seat and covered it with fabric from the remnant bin in Laura Ashley, and added piping I made from some leftover raspberry pink Indian cotton I had used for curtains in our previous house.  I think from memory the piping cord I used for inside the piping is actually rough old rope I found in the shed, rather than the proper nice white cord you can buy in upholstery stores... yeah (shamefaced), I'm of the waste-not-want-not kind...  
The cushion has little self fabric tabs with velcro sewn on, inserted in the back seams to loop around the back rest struts.  This stops it from sliding off and across the hallway if a pussycat happens to do a flying leap up onto the chair...
The embroidery in the other cushion was a little kit I picked up on a craft store exploration excursion I went on with my sister-in-law S one day, this was back in the dark ages when I was into cross-stitch!  I know it's not centred very well in the cushion, but meh...  The fabric for the main of the cushion is the same raspberry pink curtain fabric as the piping...
I often wonder if those raspberry pink curtains are still up in our old house.


  1. It is very pretty. I'm with you on the waste-not-want-not. I try to use what I already have on hand if I can make it work.

    You are both very clever. You also make a great team. This was an excellent and successful collaborative effort; I'm sure one of many. You "married" your talents (pardon the pun) and now you have this awesome chair.

  2. A lovely combiination of teamwork and fabrics

  3. Very pretty and welcoming. I used to do a lot of crosstitching, and I loved it. You've given me a wonderful idea for several projects that I completed but never framed. Thank you!

  4. Nicely done! The cross stitch is very pretty!