Friday, May 28, 2010

Champagne in the city

I am sometimes accused, by family members who shall remain nameless, of never wearing an outfit more than once.  Well, ahem, I do wear things more than once, but choose not to bore readers of this blog with repeat photos of the same outfit worn the same way over and over.  I do try to mix it up a little if I'm a posting a daily outfit shot, by mixing and matching items in my wardrobe for a slightly different look each time...
The Mossy Feathers dress I'm wearing today is one that can't really be mixed and matched much; it's pretty much a stand alone garment.  And today being such a beautiful autumn's day I didn't want or need to cover it up with a coat or cardigan.  And please excuse my fierce expression, my husband is always telling me to smile more in my photos...
Today I met up with some friends for lunch in the city and a fashion parade; Aurelio Costarella.  The dresses were gorgeous, natch.  All evening wear, which is his specialty.  He talked a bit about what he was up to; he is currently working on Winter 2011, having already wrapped up Summer 2010/11.  The garments we were seeing today were of course Winter 2010.  It was funny when he confessed that some of the looks today were like new to him, too, as he had forgotten about parts of the collection since completing it over a year ago!...  they work so far ahead in the fashion industry and are always moving on, always looking ahead and not back over old seasons...
A fabu-dabulous day out.

Dress; Vogue 2820, printed silk and chocolate brown net piping and necktie
Tights; Kolotex from David Jones
Shoes; Sandler from David Jones
Bag; Gucci


  1. I really like this dress. It looks so easy and comfortable to wear and I'm generally a fan of neckline ties.

  2. Fabu-dabulous is now my new favourite expression and it applies to you!
    Gorgeous dress!

  3. Urgh! Don't get me started on my love of Aurelio Costarella (I don't like Ray much, though!). I have started avoiding his shop because it's too dangerous as I always end up buying something I can't afford and don't have the occasion to wear!

    Hahaha I wish I had the problem of never wearing the same thing twice. I wear the same thing ALL THE TIME. Need more clothes but no time to make them! Love your dress.

    Thanks so much for the award! You are very sweet. :)

  4. I adore this dress. Is the pattern current?

  5. Gail; it's been a few years since I bought this pattern so I don't know if it's still in the book... it's an Anna Sui for Vogue design

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