Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeding the soul

Stopped in this morning at Samudra, one of my favourite-ist cafes, ever.  The ambience in this place is breath-taking.  They grow most of their own produce to make up the menu, enabling a guaranteed fresh and seasonal selection to chose from.  Although the attraction to me isn't necessarily the food (I could never be accused of being a foodie) but the atmosphere; the abundance and health of the kitchen garden, the majesty of the surrounding trees, the gorgeous chairs and tables made of wood sourced from everywhere, so some furniture is of huge slabs slapped together any-old-how, others of recycled parts of jetty and fencing, and some of hand-adzed old logs, the randomness of it all is what is so charming to me.  The table decorations are always comprised of some sort of seasonal or natural offerings, today it was bright lime-green gourds heaped up about in casually artistic disarray.  It is such balm to the soul to just be there.  In an ideal world I would just go there with my laptop and sit there every day; order a "Jubilant Juice of Joy" (a divine concoction of fresh OJ, lime juice and mint leaves blended) and make this my office away from home.  If only....
This skirt I'm wearing is an oldie from a  few years ago, made using Vogue 7856, view B, and free fabric that a local designer was throwing out.  There was so much of this fabric I made another skirt and a jacket out of it also; I think it was free because the black floral screen-print was a bit scrappy in places, but I just went over the scrappy bits with a black felt-tipped pen (or Sharpie) where it was visible and that seems to have done the trick.  After I had finished the skirt I realised it went up quite high at the sides, way too high for a winter skirt... so I ad-libbed some wide triangles of black cotton to the side edge seams underneath for contrast, interest and modesty.

Skirt; Vogue 7856 view B, grey printed cotton, with black cotton add-ons
Cardigan; Country Road
Scarf; Luxe, from Uggys in Dunsborough
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggys in Dunsborough
Bag; Gucci


  1. Love the outfit, and also the cardigan from yesterday. Perfect for the beach. We also love that cafe. A wonderful vegie garden (one of my passions along with sewing)and it has a fabulous ambience. A great inspiraton for both gardeners and craftsmen.Mum and Dad

  2. Great skirt -- love the fabric.

  3. What a lovely skirt.

    That cafe looks like such a great place to spend time with family and friends.

  4. must visit this cafe what a lovely atmosphere to enjoy a cuppa and chat in