Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Karajini socks

So named because I knitted these as we drove up to Karajini for a camping holiday with our friends the A's.  I knitted one sock on the way up, and the other sock on the trip home.  It is my second pair of socks, and the ones that I determined how many hours it takes to knit a pair of socks; it is two and half days drive up to Karajini; taking into account that my husband and I shared the driving equally; and that we camped overnight; means it works out to roughly about ten hours per sock, given that I didn't knit continuously...
Again using the pattern for Ladies Sockettes from Patons Knitting Book No. C11, except that I only did 8 rows of rib at the top, then the rest of the "leg" part in stocking stitch; so much easier and quicker this way.  Knitting in the round means that you are just knitting "knit" stitches all the time and none of that time-consuming yarn forward, yarn back that comes with knitting rib...
Whenever I wear these socks I think about our camping trip in the outback.  It was great fun! even if the drive is a killer...
(if you wish to look it up; Karajini is up in the Hamersley Ranges of Western Australia, about half a day's drive north from Newman)


  1. OH....I like those! Great colors. beautiful work!

  2. Those are beautiful. I love handmade socks and am always impressed when someone takes the time to make them.

  3. So pretty! And they look so cozy.

  4. cute! The scenery you posted is amazing too.

    Wow, 10 hours per sock? I think this is why I don't knit too much, I'm a slow knitter so things take a very long time for me...