Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day of autumn

Today is the last day of autumn :(
So I thought I'd mark it by wearing my favourite autumn made garment; my trench coat.  I've got it on over a Tshirt and skirt here, but I like how trenches can actually pass for dresses on a warm day, which it is today, sort of.  I was quite toasty here in this photo and wishing I could take something off...  well, I always feel warm during our dog walk in the morning and only start to slowly freeze when I get into the office.  Australian weather being like it is we don't have central heating here like northern hemisphere dwellers have.  I've got the little gas heater warming up my toes right now...!
I left off the belt I made for the coat and instead donned an old black leather belt I've had since teenage years; and I like how the accents of black set off the sandy beigeness of the coat.  The black buttons, black legs, black booties, black belt... the colour of winter is creeping insidiously into my wardrobe and before you know it Perth will be clad all in black and grey, yeah it's hard to believe on a bright sunny day like today! but it will happen!  One thing is for sure, I will be wearing this coat all through winter too, it's so comfy and feels so nice to throw it on; instant outfit!  I'm so glad I've got it!

Coat; Burda 7786, modified by me to be double breasted and with added wrist tabs, beige cotton
Belt; had for donkey's years
Tshirt; Country Road
Skirt; Vogue 7303, olive green corduroy
Tights; Kolotex, David Jones
Booties; Django and Juliette, from Zomp shoes
Bag; Gucci


  1. Some people are welcoming summer, and some have the last day of autumn. How different but small at the same time the world is!
    I love your outfit, that coat is so trenddy!

  2. I like the black belt with the trench, very chic. Out of curiosity, I looked up the average winter temp in Perth. I'm jealous! Your winter temps are nearly 30 degrees warmer than ours!(and there are much colder places in Canada than where I am) Although, as you say, we do have central heating to keep us warm! Keep warm, and have a great day!

  3. I really like that coat. I've put the pattern on my list to try for myself :)

    PA, really? I grew up in rural PA. Then went to college in another town in rural PA. Maybe we were neighbors, eh?

  4. oh, and I grew up without central heating, and remember being very cozy with the space heater ....

  5. Thank you for your own lovely comments on my historical swimsuit post! What a refreshing sight that chic trench w/ black leather belt. Much nicer touch than the self-fabric. It's also especially nice to think of cool weather. I'm in Texas and we hit 100* yesterday. That nice central air we have suddenly went out a few days ago, but all is cool now after my trying to blunder thru a repair to save money, giving up and calling for help!
    ~ Showing my ignorance, I didn't know it got that chilly Down Under! Enjoy that wonderful coat :) -Renee