Friday, May 21, 2010

Need a deluge; now

Please take my word for it that my hair looked quite nice before I got to take this photo; an sudden evil wind struck up out of nowhere and I went from looking unusually chic, smooth and polished to my usual messy-haired self...  and I even used a hairdryer this morning.  I don't know why I bother.
After a quick attendance at a Biggest Morning Tea (for cancer research) this morning and a few errands I have Dynamic Liftered my whole garden and now have my fingers crossed for rain!  (for those unacquainted with Dynamic Lifter, it is pulverised chook poo)  You can imagine the rich heady aroma now wafting through our open windows...  I thought rain was forecast for today, but about five minutes of light drizzle and that's been it...  desperately need a downpour to water in that smell!
As I'm typing this, brilliant sunshine is bursting through the few patchy clouds remaining in the sky to taunt and tease me.  Oh, I love the sunshine, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the divine weather we are having, but... we need some rain!  
Does anyone know a good rain-dance?

Dress; Burda 8511, purple/blue silk hessian
Cardigan; Morrison
Shoes; Timberland
Bag; Gucci


  1. Well, fortunately for you you look good with a tassled do. I love your dress. That's a great color for you.

    Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. Silky or Mussed up, always beautiful to me.


  3. I think your hair looks great in the picture!
    And your outfit. I really like the dress (lovely colour, and silk, aaaah!).

  4. I'm chuckling about the aroma ... Kevin brought me a load of manure the last year I had my garden in N. Texas, and I was so ecstatic! he he ... Looking forward to having a garden once we move to our new house - but will have to plan ahead to cover it as that neighborhood would not look kindly on such "aroma" ...

  5. I'm part of the "tousled" hair club too! No mater what I do "it" does what it wants to. Love the outfit, looks great on you.

  6. You always look great and that tousled hair is what I covet!

    You can have our rain here in Portland. It's been a stop 'n start deluge for the last four days. I'll send it your way!

  7. Love that color and fabric. Great job.

  8. Wonderful looking outfit!

    I hope you get your rain :)

  9. You look so pretty in this photo. I love your hair like than and you have such a pretty smile :)