Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Satisfyingly swishy skirt

Dug this skirt out again from the recesses of my wardrobe... I don't know why I'm not wearing it as often as I once did.  I love it.  I made this last summer; not the summer we've just had but the one before that.  When I walk it twirls and swishes around my ankles in a most satisfying way, and always attracts compliments.  This morning on our dog walk (can you see Sienna's furry butt behind a tree in this photo?) a lady crossed the street to say something nice to me about it... little incidents like that can give one a lift for hours, no?  I'm going to make an effort to give more compliments from now on.

Skirt; my own design variations, based on Butterick 3134, first posted here
Top; my own design, refashioned from my old 3/4 pants here
Booties; Django and Juliette, from Zomp


  1. That is a lovely skirt. I still LOVE that top.

  2. Oh, what a fun skirt! Might have to rethink my hemline comments from last week. :)

  3. Oh, wow! I just love that swish. And I still like the top, too.

    I have a really fun post up today.

  4. I'm on board. You look lovely!
    (still coveting that top) :)