Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black high-waist straight-leg jeans

I've made some new jeans!  
After being inspired by some of the beautiful examples of other people out there making their own jeans, and the success of my own khaki stretch gabardine jeans I decided to give this a go.  These new ones are made from black denim with only a little stretch in them.  When I first bought this fabric I thought it had more stretch than it actually did, but now they are finished I'm glad they are not too stretchy, as they are more like real jeans in my opinion.  So, even though the pattern envelope says "stretch fabrics only", I would use this advice as a guide only in fabric selection.  Mine turned out alright.  I think so, anyway!
I used Burda 7863 again, and the only variation to the pattern I did this time was to add a zip placket, as seen in the photo below, to protect my tender tummy skin from those sharp (and in winter, cold!) zipper teeth.  Also, I did originally have pocket flaps over the pockets as per the pattern, but removed these as I thought they looked a little "home-made" and not very trendy.  The remaining half of the press stud is still there in the pocket, but I kind of like the look of this.  If I get enthusiastic I might even add some sort of embroidered pocket decoration in the future...  I also made the belt loops a little wider, to accommodate my black belt, but as the waist is so nice and high and because I went to the effort of fitting the waistband to my waist size, I probably won't even be wearing a belt with these jeans.  The pockets are lined with scraps of leftover patchwork fabric that I had used to line my autumn trench coat, and the topstitching throughout is a single row of long stitch in a deep ruby red; because I had some of this colour leftover from my Rosetta ballgown.
So I'm pretty happy with my new skinny leg jeans!  They are a lot warmer than my khaki stretch ones, so will be great for those coooold winter mornings!

Jeans; Burda 7863, black denim
Top; Metalicus
Cardigan; Country Road
Scarf; Sportsgirl
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies in Dunsborough


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  2. Carolyn, are you still making all these amazing garments that fit you so perfectly on the same trusty sewing machine? I feel ashammed, I have a lovely new Bernina aurora 440 and still have not completed one item of clothing. I seam to be stuck on wee practical projects like the 30 bookmarkers for Chantelle's party guests.

  3. Wow, your jeans turned out terrific. Great fit!

  4. Your jeans are spectacular!

    Who makes the snap you used at the waistband?


  5. Thanks LindaNan! I bought the snaps ages ago, but I'm pretty sure they are by Birches, an Australian haberdashery company.

  6. Woops! Sorry, that should be just "Birch"! not Birches... try

  7. Fabulous jeans. Wonderful fit and love the colour of the top stitching. The fit is perfect. You are amazing. Love Mum

  8. Fantastic project and your topstitching is very professional! Great fit, but does anything ever not look good on you!?

  9. You are so very talented! I love the jeans, they look great on you! I also think you look fantastic in the color you chose for the top!

  10. Woo-hoo! Those make your bum look fantastic! I especially LOVE the topstitching. Good work!

    I'll be attacking the Jalie jeans pattern this fall… I'm not quite there yet…

  11. Bloody hell.

    You are SO good a sewing. You put me to shame. They look great.



  12. wow, these are fantastic! They do fit perfectly.

    I'm so jealous that you can make pants fit so well...

  13. And I love how your outfit matches the tree. :)

  14. To quote my daughter: "But those look REAL!" Seriously impressed!