Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blue cable socks

'Nother pair o' socks.
These are made entirely of the Patonyle's wool, but following the shrinkage disasters of the other socks made with this particular wool I've been a lot more careful in the laundering of this pair and they still fit me.  Just.  Looking at this photo I can see my heel isn't really situated in the heel of the socks.. oh, well, may have to pass these ones on too...  I actually originally bought four balls of this wool, in this colour, which looking back was a kind of insane thing to do.  What was I thinking?  The result is lots of pairs of socks in this colour and in this impractical yarn.  I've tried to make each pair just a little different in some way.  These ones have a row of cable up the sides.
When my kids were little I used to get them multiple pairs of socks all the same; the idea was that I wouldn't have to pair them up after washing, or hunt about for that elusive missing half of a "favourite" pair.  I reasoned that if they were all identical there would be no dramas, no wailing "but I have to wear my pink dotty socks with the bow!!".  And it was a great scheme, those heady days when I was in total control of the sock-choosing-and-buying.  Oh how times have changed.  Now they're all grown up, and all of us in the house have our own sock collection, suited to our personalities, chosen as whim, fancy and fashion takes us.  Matching up those gazillion unique pairs of socks is one of my daily chores.  FUN!
Today's random picture below; I'm coming across smiley faces a lot in my life lately.  Here is another where I didn't expect it!


  1. You make the cutest socks. I've bought too many balls of yarn of the same color, too, with the intention of learning to crochet. Never did. One day.

    The smiley face made me laugh.

    Love your jeans in the post below. A perfect fit.

    I've answered my 8 questions if you would like to stop by and learn more about me.

  2. If the socks are shrinking once you have washed them, could you try pre-shrinking the wool before knitting them? I don't know if you can pre-shrink wool but would it be worth trying?

  3. Oh the joys of matching myriad socks in different sizes .... also one of my daily chores!

    I'm amazed at the number you have knitted! They look sooo comfy.